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Jon Thaxton

Personal Trainer & Motivational Speaker



07815 106649

Fitness Coach • Motivational Speaker • Anti-Bullying • Norwich • Norfolk

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“My BMI indicated I was 5st overweight, but I have already lost 9lb and feel exhilarated, less moody and better able to cope with life.”

Helen McGhee 29

“I have lost 7lb which is amazing because my weight had stayed the same for the past eight or nine months, and I have so much more energy to keep up with my seven and three year old boys.”

Claire Thomas 36

“Jon lets you do it at your own level”

Jane Osborne 53 has lost 11lb in the first fortnight of classes

"I joined Jon's boot camp on Monday 4 January 2010, very overweight but determined to change my life this year in a number of ways, weight loss and improved fitness level was the backbone of all my plans. It took a lot of 'nerve' on my part to walk through the door of the gym studio on that first morning. I was not fit, I was overweight, and in my 50s, I was apprehensive over who else would attend, and how uncomfortable I would feel amongst everyone.

I should not have worried, everyone was great, especially Jon. He was happy for me and everyone else to go at their own levels, but still pushed us to achieve our best. There were some, in my opinion anyway, very fit people there, but they too had their own personal challenges, it just seemed that mine was the biggest.

The first session was tough for me, but I thoroughly enjoyed it, and couldn't wait to return. However, the next day I could hardly walk with the tops of my legs hurting so much. Anyway I persevered. At the end of the first boot camp my fitness level along with others was reassessed, and I had improved immensely from that first day.

I enjoyed the boot camp so much, I signed up for a second one! Having provided Jon with a food diary, I was given a diet plan to follow from his Nutritionist.

With Jon's motivation and the exercises he put us all through, along with the diet plan, *in 7 weeks I have lost TWO STONE!!!!!!!* I am now 'in the zone' and whilst I still have a lot of weight to loose, I along with others can see the results and benefits. I know I am fitter, and I am certainly happier.

I would recommend Jon's boot camps to anyone, and rest assured I will be attending again when he runs further ones. In the meantime, I will be seeing Jon as my personal trainer weekly to continue the good work he and I have achieved thus far.

I have a weight loss goal to achieve by Christmas 2010 and I know with Jon's help I *will* achieve this.