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Jon Thaxton - Personal Trainer & Motivational Speaker
Taverham Norwich Norfolk

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Achieving the European and British lightweight boxing titles in my 17-year career takes a lot more than just simple physical strength. Mental agility, self-belief and motivation were all critical in my ability to succeed in the sport that I loved. Being second-best was never an option, I’ve always believed in aiming for the top, the determination to win pulses through my veins.

I had my first professional fight in December 1992, beating Scott Smith on points over six rounds in Stoke on Trent. In my early career I fought as a light-welterweight; my first fight for a major title was in September 1996, when I won the WBO Intercontinental Light-Welterweight title, beating Bernard Paul of Mauritius on points. In November 1997, I won the IBF Intercontinental Light-Welterweight title, beating Rimvidas Bilius of Lithuania on points. Losing both titles in September 1998, being knocked out in the seventh after an epic battle in the ring, was a major setback which I was determined to return from stronger and better.

Further setbacks in the ring between 1999 and 2002 against three worthy opponents Jason Rowland, Ricky Hatton and Eamonn Magee did not manage to dent my ambition; it was a road accident which eventually sidelined me for the next two years. I may have been down but I was certainly not out. Digging deep with a strong sense of belief that I could achieve success again I was ready to make my triumphant return. In April 2005 I knocked out Frenchman Christophe De Busillet in the fourth, to take the vacant WBF world lightweight title. In September 2005, I defended the title against Romanian Vasile Dragomir, scoring a knockout in the fourth round. In December 2006, I fought Lee Meager, the holder of the British lightweight title, I scored a unanimous points victory to take the title. In March 2007, I defended the British lightweight title against Scott Lawton, winning by a technical knockout in the seventh. In October 2007, I defended the British lightweight title again, this time against Dave Stewart, winning by a technical knockout in the twelfth round. In April 2008, I challenged Yuri Romanov, of Belarus, for his European lightweight title. The fight was stopped at the start of the sixth when my corner refused to let him come out due to bad cuts. This was my first defeat after twelve straight wins. On October 4, 2008, I captured the vacated European lightweight title in the third round of the contest against Spaniard Juan Carlos Melero Diaz.

Success comes to those who earn it, just wanting it is not enough.

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Can you benefit from the experience and knowledge I have gained throughout my career? Do you lack the motivation or self-belief to succeed? Do you want to be a winner like me or just another also ran? Whether it’s your personal fitness, strength of mind or performance of your business you want to improve I can help. Individually tailored or group programmes, I cater for all ages and situations.

“Jon Thaxton is possibly the most dynamic man I have ever met. His relentless enthusiasm for everything he does is a real shot in the arm. After a 17-year career as a professional boxer, during which he fought his heart out in every respect, he now feels he has nothing left to prove. His philosophy is that you can achieve anything you want if you try hard enough, and he is willing to help anybody who is prepared to help themselves.

Jon makes the most of everyday, diligently building up a thriving business as a fitness instructor and mentor, and he helps a lot of people on the way to becoming who they want to be. The fact that he has the gift to inspire others sets him on fire. If you've got it, flaunt it, as they say. And believe me, Jon Thaxton is loaded with it.”  Melanie Lloyd

Don’t just dream it!

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Fitness Coach • Motivational Speaker • Anti-Bullying • Norwich • Norfolk

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