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Jon Thaxton - Personal Trainer & Motivational Speaker
Taverham Norwich Norfolk

07815 106649

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Jon has been a professional boxer since making his debut in December 1992 and only recently retired in 2009 after 17 years as a professional. He has held many titles including the British Lightweight Title and European Lightweight Title. Fitness and weight management goes hand in hand, as a professional it takes discipline and determination, and besides making the weight as a boxer, he had to ensure he remained strong physically and mentally.

Jon uses his tried and tested personal training techniques to give you the health and fitness to give you a new lease of life. His outstanding reputation in the fitness industry combined with many years of experience helps him tailor fitness workouts to suit individual lifestyles, as he understands no two people are the same.

As your personal trainer Jon’s ultimate aim is to train your body and mind, by teaching you the fundamentals of fitness, to help you establish a fitness routine that you can stick to and to get you the physique and lifestyle you desire.

See Jon classes in action in the photo album below:

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Fitness Coach • Motivational Speaker • Anti-Bullying • Norwich • Norfolk

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